THE SHELTER is a project with three phases. The first, which happened in March 2014, was a structure on the lawn of the University Collage London in UK, designated as a temporary space, away from linguistic communication, where a number of people were invited to offer their interpretations of THE SHELTER to visitors. The second phase has manifested in two stages so far: as a film screening in a booth at the Slade School in May 2014, and an installation and slide show at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany, April – May 2015. This second phase may yet have further iterations. The third and last phase is a forthcoming publication, also scheduled for 2015. Each phase of THE SHELTER functions both independently and interdependently with each of the others.

The Shelter took its first iteration as a temporary space away from communication in London from 3rd to 31st of March 2014. During its first iteration, contributors from various fields were invited to use, explore, and interpret The Shelter. As a result, various performance, event, assistance, and even protests took place, glimpsing the potentials, failures, and hopes of the space. There were attempts to new modes of communication, in spite of, and in respect to, the critical limitations that were present throughout.

Prior to the launch of the publication, the bookle was made to accompany the Bundeskunsthalle installation with a selection of texts (and an excerpt). The forthcoming publication is scheduled for the summer, 2015 and will include texts by Rosa Aiello / John Athanasiou / Emilie Atkinson/ Andrew de Freitas / Patrick Keaveney / Ellen Yeon Kim/ Dan Kwon / Katherine Midgley / Charlotte Murdoch / Ben Osborn / Vera Palme / Nataliya Pankova / Filippa Pettersson / Alexey Vanushkin. The announcement of the launch will be made though this website as well as facebook page.